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Go ahead… Judge me!

Strawberry Split Macarons - Crumbs & Corkscrews

Judging by my Twitter feed every Wednesday evening, I’m pretty sure that the majority of you are completely engrossed in the Great British Bake Off at the moment. Me… not so much, I hand on my heart haven’t watched an episode this year, and to be honest just reading Twitter is enough to keep me up to date with all the shenanigans.

However, it hasn’t stopped it infiltrating into my life in other ways and September heralds the start of the Great Bake Off at work. It’s all organised to tie in with the Macmillan Big Coffee Morning on September 26th, and I’m looking forward to a little competitive baking. Although, there has been fleeting conversations in the kitchen about my ‘professional baking’ past and my entry; all in good humour and all with me blushing a little, as I don’t consider myself an amazing baker. I do something I love and others seem to like it too, that’s good enough for me. The proof will be in the first round when sponge cakes come out. Yes, I have an idea of what I’m going to create, and no I’m not telling you… well not until it’s baked, judged and tasted. It could be a disaster…

Anyway, with all of this going on I thought it was about time that I sorted some photos out that have been sat in my Lightroom ‘To Edit’ folder for ages. They’re not the best examples of my limited food photography and styling capacity; and they’re also not the best example of how to bake a macaron either. But, they tasted pretty darn good and I wanted to blog them as there’s plenty of things that don’t work that happen in my kitchen, despite the professional side of things. … 

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