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Return to Le Manoir – An Evening with Raymond Blanc

Crumbs & Corkscrews - Raymond Blanc and Kenwood at Le Manoir

There are things in life that I dream of doing, some of those dreams may even come true, but some of them I’m resigned to the fact that they are just that ‘dreams’. But every once in a while, something magical happens and one of those dreams has the chance to become reality!

So when an email from the fabulous people at John Lewis and Kenwood landed in my inbox inviting me to the launch of the new Kenwood Chef Sense at Le Manoir, I couldn’t keep my phone still in my shaking hands long enough to read it properly. A few shakes later, I’d managed to take note of the date and time and speed walk across the office to make sure I could book the time off work.

Last year I’d packed myself off for a birthday treat and joined some fantastic people at The Raymond Blanc Cookery school for the day-long Patisserie course. I fell in love with the hotel, the people, the food, the atmosphere… well everything; and I’d been dreaming of going back ever since. So off I set to join a small and select group of lovely ladies; Penny, Caroline, Tara and Becky!


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