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Fiesta like there’s no mañana

Crumbs & Corkscrews - Gluten Free Chocolate Sundae Cupcakes

Forgive me whilst I do a little dance… it’s my birthday. Well it was yesterday but as tradition states when your birthday falls on a weekend, it is ‘technically’ all weekend for celebration purposes!

As I approach that next milestone, and I’m not telling you which, you can make your own mind up on that one, I get more excited about my birthday than I did when I was hitting those big end of teenage year ones. I don’t know if it’s because life is just working out, I have a wonderful husband, amazing family and fantastic friends, I’ve done a few things in life now that I’m extremely proud of and I’m loving being back at work. Or whether having my nephew in our lives has renewed the excitement for all things birthday, he’s at that age now when he understands birthdays and he gets so excited about them, it’s just infectious!

We also have our wedding anniversary a couple of days before, and it’s fantastic to celebrate everything together, but I miss my Dad so much that it’s tinged with sadness, and sometimes the ‘mad & excitable Lou’ is a mask for one that’s feeling like it’s heart has been wrenched out. One of the things loosing Dad taught me, was to live everyday as it comes, you never know what’s around the corner, keep going and don’t let it grind you down.

So then, it’s my birthday, smile, think of my gorgeous family, fantastic friends, all the good times, and get ready to roll… Bring on the cake!… 

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