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Sugar and spice, and all things nice…

Crumbs and Corkscrews - Caramel Speculaas MarshmallowsBefore I headed back to work properly last month, I had a couple of days to take full advantage of getting into the kitchen and having a creative session. I also had a couple of days to take full advantage of a lie-in followed by a day in the sunshine; so I’m sort of ashamed to say the creative session didn’t really spring to much. Only sort of ashamed, as who could blame me for choosing not to be in a hot and sweltering kitchen, on some of the hottest days of the year so far.

In the end I did make something; something that didn’t really involve being a slave to the oven, and just 10 minutes of being stood over the hob… marshmallows! I’d like to say that out on my cycling travels in the sunshine, there had been a flash of juicy brain activity that said ‘yes, this is what I’ll do’. However, the thought process behind them isn’t that glamourous or inspiring. In all honesty they were just a whim and something to satisfy an overactive sweet tooth with nothing in the house that could really do the trick.

What did inspire me though was that the Other Half had made marshmallows as gifts, along with other bits and pieces including some awesome homemade fudge,  to go in Christmas hampers. I remember them being not as difficult as I thought they would be, and scrapping down the bowl and the beater was just like eating marshmallow fluff. Awwww the stuff a twitchy sweet tooth’s dreams are made of…. 

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