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Here We Go…. Crumbs Fit

Crumbs & Corkscrews - Crumbs Fit - Weight Loss Diary - January

So Christmas came and went, and New Year arrived not long after, as it has a habit of doing so, and accompanying it the usual influx of Facebook statuses of  New Year’s Resolutions – I will do this, I will do that but as a serial Resolution Breaker, I’m always in the camp of “I will get fit and loose weight”.

I had been champing at the bit to get started before the New Year hit, but the really nasty Christmas lurgy that had been doing the rounds, decided to have a good old attack on my asthmatic and pathetic lungs. But not to be put off, as soon as I was up and about, and able to breathe again, I trundled back to the gym.

And coming up to now, 4 weeks later, not only am I firmly into a *gulp* “up and out at 6am routine”, but I’m feeling healthier, fitter and all round more confident again. Whoop!

Yes, before you double take and faint from the shock, I did say 6am! I suppose the thing that has always, every single time, hampered my fitness motivation has been the “I’d rather do something else” excuse, that was always at my beck and call. But dragging this sorry state of affairs, known as my body, out of bed at 6am even on the coldest of mornings, means that I don’t need to find that excuse in the evenings anymore. It’s already done, I’ve burnt off some calories, got a little fitter and made it into work before the majority of the Guys I work with. High Five!


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